Webinar Recording -Acumatica: Manufacturing Deep Dive, Accounts Receivable and Payments 


Acumatica Manufacturing Accounts Receivable Payments small


Jessica Gadbois, Pre-Sales Engineer for the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition along with YayPay and APS Payments presented on how you can automate manufacturing, accounts receivable and payments.  Watch this recording to:

  1. Learn how the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition allows you to easily:
    • View all business activities in one centralized location.
      • Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition seamlessly integrates with the Financial Management, Distribution Management, Project Accounting, and Customer Management Suites.
    • Track material, labor, and overhead costs as you manage production.
    • Streamline business processes, generate accurate pricing, and calculate total manufacturing costs.
    • Make better business decisions with greater visibility throughout the system.
    • Compare estimated, planned, and standard production costs to actual costs of production.

  2. Learn how YayPay for Acumatica allows you to:
    • Better predict cash flow and payment dates using machine learning and data-driven analytics
    • Leverage automated workflows to follow-up on manual collection tasks and increase team efficiency
    • Improve cross-company collaboration by providing transparency to AR, finance, sales, customer success, and executive leadership teams.

  3. Learn how APS Payments, a certified and customer verified application for Acumatica, allows you to receive:
    • Tokenized credit card data, simplifying PCI Compliance at no additional cost
    • ClickToPay integrated payment portal, allowing customers to pay online with the click of a button
    • EMV Chip functionality for more secure card-present transactions
    • Level 3 Processing to save you money on B2B transactions
    • Daily, automatic batch reporting
    • Multi-currency capabilities
    • Magento eCommerce integration at no additional cost
    • 24/7 live support


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