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Acumatica Credit Card Processing: How to Automate Payments

Mar 7, 2019 10:13:09 AM

Acumatica Credit Card Processing Recurring Billing

If you are using Acumatica, there is a simple and secure way to automate billing and get paid faster. APS ClickToPay is a perfect solution for any company that wants to get paid faster.   Stop wasting time with manual based payment collection and automate this process with APS ClickToPay.

Integrate APS Payments Acumatica credit card processing solution to reduce complexity, automate recurring billing, reduce processing fees, increase cash-flow, streamline payment processing and exceed customer expectations.

8 Acumatica Credit Card Processing Benefits from APS Payments

  1. Expand your market by offering convenient payment term options

  2. Credit card numbers are safely stored in the APSPAYS Vault

  3. Customers can add new credit cards or use precious credit cards

  4. You can set up payment methods for credit cards, ACH, or both

  5. Your customer click a button on the invoice or sales order to pay immediately

  6. You can automate invoicing for weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. billing cycles

  7. Your customers appreciate the convenience and the receipt confirmation.

  8. You improve your cash flow when you start to get paid like clockwork

  9. Your business saves time and money when you reduce the need to follow up with customers on delayed payments.

Acumatica credit card processing APS ClickToPay functionality from APS Payments works seamlessly within Acumatica.  You simply e-mail your customer a copy of the Acumatica invoice with the option to pay by ACH or credit card.  Your customer opens the email and selects which payment method they would like to use. APS ClickToPay allows your customer to create a profile and securely save their card or bank account information on file for future payments.  Now you can automate this billing process with each individual customer’s billing schedule.  APS ClickToPay is available on invoices and sales orders.

Acumatica Credit Card Processing APS ClickToPay Product Demo

Here’s a five-minute product demonstration of the APS ClickToPay functionality for Acumatica.  You will see how quick and easy it is to set-up in Acumatica.   


How to set-up APS ClickToPay in Acumatica:

  1. In the Acumatica Receivables: Quick Menu, you will select APS ClickToPay Setup under Preferences

  2. In APS ClickToPay Setup, you can decide if you want your customer to pay by credit card, ACH or have the option for both payment methods.

  3. In APS ClickToPay Setup, you have a Default Customer Opt In/Out option.  You can set the Opt-In or Opt-Out or the Customer can later.

Acumatica credit card processing APS ClickToPay from APS Payments saves you time creating invoices.  Get paid faster, increase cash flow, reduce credit card processing fees, automate recurring billing and exceed customer expectations with Acumatica and APS ClickToPay!

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