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Acumatica Credit Card Processing and eCommerce Integration

Sep 21, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Acumatica Credit Card Processing

Secure Acumatica Credit Card Processing for eCommerce Customers

Consumers today are more demanding than ever before. For merchants to compete online it is important to offer a secure, convenient, intuitive, online shopping experience.  It is equally important for the businesses taking those orders to automate the process with a tightly integrated solution to avoid human error and duplicate data entry.  Acumatica is the fastest growing Cloud ERP platform available today.  Kensium, is a leading Acumatica eCommerce certified integration partner.  American Payment Solutions is a leading Acumatica certified credit card processing integration partner.  

Credit Card ProcessingWe recently held a joint webinar between Acumatica, Kensium, JAAS Systems, Scanco, StarShip and American Payment Solutions to illustrate how to automate order processing with an integrated eCommerce, manufacturing, pick, pack, ship and payments process.  During this demonstration we showed how customers place an order in Kensium's eCommerce Acumatica integrated platform, automated the manufacturing process using JAAS Systems, integrated with Acumatica, automatically tracked production floor labor, material, pick, pack processes in Scanco, integrated with Acumatica, automated the selection of the most optimum shipment carrier using StarShip integrated with Acumatica and automated credit card processing eCommerce payment integrated with Acumatica using American Payment Solutions.  Acumatica Cloud ERP customers demand business process automation and together with our integration partners above we illustrated an end-to-end automated order processing solution.

How to Lower Rates with Acumatica Level 3 Credit Card Processing 

Merchants who process Level 3 credit card processing transactions within Acumatica save money with lower interchange rates from the card brands.  American Payment Solutions has integrated their Level 3 gateway, APSPAYS into Acumatica.  American Payment Solutions offers an integrated Acumatica credit card processing solution that uses tokenization, eliminating card data typically stored on a local server.  American Payment Solutions is able to extract the information necessary from the Acumatica order and apply that information to qualify for Level 3 Credit Card Processing.

To learn more watch our recorded presentation below:

Ask the Acumatica credit card processing experts at American Payment Solutions.  We are here to be your advocate and expert.  Our knowledge and relationships are key to helping you get the lowest rate possible.  We guarantee it.  If we can't meet or beat your current credit card processing rate we will offer $500 for the trouble to look into it, no questions asked.

Call American Payment Solutions  at 888-685-1900 or email Patty Benitez at pbenitez@apsmerchants.com to learn how to cut costs and benefit from the following streamlined Acumatica credit card processing features:

  1. Convenient 24 hour access to payment processing and reporting
  2. Automated recurring billing
  3. Improved cash flow
  4. Fraud detection and prevention (volume thresholds, risk parameters)
  5. Reduce invoicing costs 
  6. No additional licensing fees
  7. Virtual Terminals (no integration needed, no software to install, simply use your web browser to securely log in to process transactions)
  8. Credit card tokenization for secure access to future customer transactions
  9. Real-time Payment Gateway 
  10. Level 3 supported gateway for US accounts, (significant savings for business to government or business to business transactions)
  11. Batch processing when real time approvals are not required 
  12. 100% PCI-DSS compliant at no additional cost
  13. Some of the lowest Amex fees in the entire industry!
  14. Next Day Funding including AMEX making reconciliation process easier


Patty Benitez
Written by Patty Benitez

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