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New Acumatica EMV Credit Card Processing Functionality

Sep 13, 2018 9:26:22 AM

emv_terminal-hand4 key ways to save money and time with the only EMV Acumatica credit card processing solution! 

APS Payments is proud to announce the first and only Level 3 and EMV integrated credit card processing solution for Acumatica. The EMV embedded chip technology is for Acumatica customers who need to process face-to-face or credit card present over the counter transactions. Processing card-present EMV transactions is now fully integrated with Acumatica. As a new add-on to our existing Acumatica payments integration, now you can accept EMV transactions using the insert card with chip rather than swipe with magnetic stripe. You can also process transactions using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, & Contactless quickly and securely through your Acumatica system.

4 benefits of the added functionality with Acumatica EMV credit card processing 

There are several benefits to accepting Acumatica EMV transactions. Acumatica credit card processing EMV terminals encrypt sensitive cardholder information rather than sending the full tracking information (card number, expiration date, etc.) to the payment gateway.  Merchants who accept credit card processing EMV transactions inside Acumatica mitigate the merchant liability for bank-issued chargebacks. EMV integration helps increase security for the merchant and the cardholder, helping to reduce fraud.

  1. Merchant liability is mitigated for bank-issued chargebacks with increased security.
  2. Card payment information is automatically integrated with Acumatica.
  3. Easy way to find transaction history.
  4. Quick selection of payment methods window in the Acumatica sales order screen.

EMV Acumatica

If you are a customer using Acumatica, you have probably learned that card-present transactions with a card swiper is not a simple process. Prior to this new EMV secure technology, USB swipers have been the only way to process transactions in a card present environment unless merchants purchased a full-scale point-of-sale. USB swipers do not have the ability to process credit card transactions using the EMV-embedded chips standard since 2016 in the U.S, leaving your business at risk to chargebacks.

If you have any face-to-face transactions and are using Acumatica, inquire now to learn more about our integration. 

Our APS Payments team works hard to provide you with fully integrated processing solutions and lower merchant fees. Companies usually switch to APS for a few main reasons: to get better rates, enhanced integration, superior support, and/or to ensure PCI compliance.  APS Payments makes the switch easy and our customers are happy that they save time and money. Our free analysis will show you exactly how easy it is to save.

If you have not made the switch to APS Payments yet, contact us to see how we can help you and your business!

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