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APS Payments Refreshes Logo as a REPAY Company

May 28, 2020 7:41:50 PM

APS_Payments_REPAY_Logo_-_LP1In October 2019, APS Payments joined REPAY, and over the coming weeks you will start to see a refresh of our logo to include a new tagline that we are "a REPAY company."

As we transition we will be rebranding our websites, emails and social media profiles to the new APS Payments, a REPAY company, logo!

Since joining REPAY, we have been able to offer even more benefits to all of our customers and partners:

  • A larger pool of products
  • Technology advancements and enhancements
  • A stronger level of support
  • And more resources!

As you can see below, we have three different versions of our logo, that come in our APS Payments colors, as well as black and white. Our logo is clean and crisp, with the color palette being bright and saturated to convey energy and excitement. We like to keep our typography simple and clear using Google Fonts Raleway Bold and Light. Our iconography is a stroke-based style, readable at small sizes to make our branding a little more exciting! 

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 4.38.06 PM

APS Payments continues to be an innovator in the payments industry. We work hard to provide the best solutions for our partners and clients, providing:

  • Tokenized credit card data
  • PCI Compliance at no additional cost
  • Daily, automatic batch reporting
  • Level 3 Processing for B2B transactions
  • EMV chip functionality
  • Multi-currency capabilities
  • Integrated Online Payment Portal
  • Multiple Payment Options 
  • No installation, maintenance, or setup fees
  • 24/7 live support

We at APS Payments are so excited about joining REPAY and all of these new benefits, including the refresh of our logo! If you are currently an APS Payments Partner, please download our new branding guide and logos, so you can update your web properties and any additional marketing content today.

Download Brand Guide

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Phillip Heath
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