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Canadian Merchant Accounts - What are my options?

Nov 16, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Canadian Merchant Accounts.jpgWhen setting up a Canadian Merchant Account, most companies learn quickly that their options are quite limited. Up until recently, there have only been a few options to accepting credit card payments in Canada. North American Payment Solutions launched in Canada early 2016, and has been providing merchant services to several different types of companies in Canada including manufacturers, wholesalers, retail shops, eCommerce companies, and hotels. 

Free Merchant Statement ReviewOne of the biggest complaints we have heard from Canadian merchants is the pricing structure their previous process had them on. Several processors in Canada use complex tiered pricing structures that are confusing, difficult to decipher, and can bury hidden costs into line items. This makes it nearly impossible for merchants to know if they are being treated fairly, and allows for price gouging to occur. 

This was one of the driving factors for North American Payment Solutions to enter the Canadian market. We have been known in the United States for offering transparent, guaranteed pricing for over a decade to thousands of merchants, and knew Canadian merchant accounts would benefit from this pricing model. North American Payment Solutions offers an interchange plus model, which up until recently was only offered to large enterprise Canadian merchants. 

This pricing model is most commonly known as Interchange Plus Pricing, which breaks down each individual transaction that you accept, and separates the hard cost and the processor markup, so you know exactly how much revenue your processor earns on each transaction. 

To learn more about setting up a Canadian merchant account with North American Payment Solutions, call us at 888-685-1900 or please send an email to info@apsmerchants.com.

North American Payment Solutions enables you to cut costs and offers the following streamlined credit card processing features:

  1. Convenient 24 hour access to payment processing and reporting
  2. Automated recurring billing
  3. Improved cash flow
  4. Fraud detection and prevention (volume thresholds, risk parameters)
  5. Reduce invoicing costs 
  6. No additional licensing fees
  7. Virtual Terminals (no integration needed, no software to install, simply use your web browser to securely log in to process transactions)
  8. Credit card tokenization for secure access to future customer transactions
  9. Real-time Payment Gateway 
  10. Level 3 supported gateway for US accounts, (significant savings for business to government or business to business transactions)
  11. Batch processing when real time approvals are not required 
  12. 100% PCI-DSS compliant at no additional cost
  13. Some of the lowest American Express fees in the entire industry!
  14. Next Day Funding including American Express making reconciliation process easier
Patty Benitez
Written by Patty Benitez

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