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Creating Effortless Customer Payment Experience with Integrated ERP & eCommerce

Apr 12, 2021 5:37:30 PM

DCKAP Lunch Bites Splash ScreenOur latest edition of Lunch Bites features DCKAP, an APS Payments partner that specializes in creating the interfaces between eCommerce and ERPs systems. They help businesses undertake B2B integration for multiple platforms like eCommerce, ERP, and CRM as well as automate business processes all in one place.  In this installment of Lunch Bites, I sat down with Karthik Chidambaram, Chief Executive Officer of DCKAP to discuss how manufacturers and distributors can streamline purchasing and payments processes.

To start of the interview, Karthik Chidambaram talks about how DCKAP had humble beginnings and then went on to share a personal experience of trying to purchase a washing machine at a storefront. The lack of inventory connectivity between two ERP systems prevented him from buying the machine that day in the store of his choice. Karthik emphasizes the need to generate a low effort buying experience for customers.

What exactly does low effort experience really mean in the world of digital transactions? In this current market where one customer interaction can compromise an entire customer experience — what does an effortless customer interaction look like?

With the intense shifts that took place last year, 2021 will be about discovering ways to reach cautious consumers and solidifying state-of-the-art strategies to stand out. One area DCKAP recommends optimizing is the checkout/payment process for both B2C and B2B Payments. They see now more than ever manufacturers eliminating the distractions and creating truncated experiences, so the customer can expedite their needs.

Customers want to contact companies through newer, self-service channels. Customer effort is an excellent indicator of intent to repurchase and increase spending. To reduce customer effort, leading organizations measure customer effort, identify issues, prioritize customer service investments, create a low-effort environment, and manage self-service and multichannel service. According to Gartner, key negative sources of effort for the buyer include:

  • The need to contact a company more than once
  • Having to repeat information entered
  • The perception that it takes additional effort to resolve an issue
  • Too many steps to accomplish the transaction

Karthik and his team at DCKAP have witnessed first-hand how manufacturers and distributors are collaborating and investing in digital transformation that offers an enhanced low effort experience for the buyer.

“We appreciate the partnership with APS Payments, working together has solved some big problems in the payment process for our clients by offering multiple payment options. The customer assumes the payment section of an online experience is going to ‘just work’.”

- Karthik Chidambaram, Chief Executive Officer of DCKAP

Watch the full Lunch Bites video interview to learn more about creating a low effort customer experience and how you can easily integrated ERP and eCommerce to provide a seamless purchasing and payment experience for your clients:

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APS Payments solves complex payment issues, delivering:

  • Tokenized credit card data
  • PCI Compliance at no additional cost
  • Daily, automatic batch reporting
  • Level 3 Processing for B2B transactions
  • EMV chip functionality
  • Multi-currency capabilities
  • Integrated Online Payment Portal
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • No installation, maintenance, or setup fees
  • 24/7 live support

Together, DCKAP and APS Payments aim to optimize the systems you already use, with integrations to multiple ERP systems including Sage, Acumatica, SAP, and more. Choosing the right payment provider is vital to your customer’s overall experience, learn more about the Top 12 Features to Look for in Integrated Payment Processing and contact APS Payments today!

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Ben Weiss
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