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Understanding Your Merchant Statements

Dec 1, 2015 8:44:32 AM


As a reseller or business advisor, you very likely have clients in the retail and wholesale manufacturing space who, as part of their everyday business processes, accept credit cards.  Each month merchants receive their statements showing numerous fees and one large payment deduction. Many of these merchants admit to being confused over their monthly statements, and even more simply don’t take the time to review them.  If this describes you or your clients you could be wasting a lot of money each month. 

Merchant statements show the charges being billed by the card issuer and the banking institution.  Understanding the types of fees is important so that you know you are being charged accurately. There are assessment fees and interchange fees; there are also network, gateway and transaction fees.  Amounts vary based on individual contracts with the processor, gateway and types of credit cards processed.  Depending on the processer, there may also be fees for compliance, chargebacks and other miscellaneous items. The fees paid each month will vary, depending on the total amount of credit card transactions charged and the associated fees.

Understanding merchant statements is key to the profitability of your business.  On Thursday, December 3rd at 1pm ET, American Payment Solutions will be holding a webinar to address this topic.  Spend 30 minutes with us and increase your understanding of the monthly charges seen on your merchant statements.  Learn more about the following:

  • Why there are so many varying rates
  • Why you may have charges for non-compliance
  • What your processor is truly earning to process your transactions
  • Why there are so many different fees for different types of credit cards 

Register today and take the mystery out of your merchant statements!


Tricia Hartigan
Written by Tricia Hartigan

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