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Acumatica Acquired by EQT - Key Facts Recap

Jul 12, 2019 10:25:26 AM

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In June 2019, we learned that one of our fastest growing credit card processing ERP integration partners, Acumatica, is going to be acquired by EQT Partners, a leading investment firm with $45B of assets. In the Acumatica Press Release, this acquisition is “through an investment vehicle owned by the same holding company that holds IFS AB (Industrial and Financial Systems). To further reinforce this coalition, following the closing of the transaction Jonas Persson will serve as chairman for both companies. IFS, the global enterprise applications company, and Acumatica, the world’s fastest-growing Cloud ERP provider, will serve growth industries such as manufacturing, distribution, construction, service, energy and A&D, while competing directly with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Infor, and Sage among others.”

APS Payments is very excited about this influx into the already powerful engine of Acumatica. Our partnership with Acumatica is a natural fit because we both offer leading-edge technology, best in class functionality, and customer-friendly business practices. We both offer tremendous value and savings to small and mid-market organizations. This seamless integration is possible because Acumatica is built with modern open architecture for scalability, ease of use, and rapid integrations. The APS Payments team worked hard to build a native, seamless integration that works within the strict Acumatica standards. Learn more by visiting the APS Payments Acumatica Marketplace listing.

We are excited about the news of the acquisition and the opportunities that combining forces between Acumatica and IFS will bring. The press release states “the two companies will tap into one another’s ISV, reseller and systems integrator communities, cross-pollinate technical resources and roadmaps, and implement best practices across services and support to enable efficiencies of scale and rapid growth that are mutually beneficial. Both companies are currently adopting artificial intelligence and machine learning features into their respective products and expect to achieve early success in that area.”

This acquisition is not expected to affect the Acumatica name or operation but instead should help them be able to support more customers around the world. CEO Jon Roskill said of the acquisition that “within the next couple of months, we’re going to be able to support customers globally.” This is big news for customers as they grow their businesses on a global level. This will help provide more opportunities and support for the already 5,000+ Acumatica customers. Acumatica has forecast an increase in their workforce by 40-50% each year which will allow them to provide more services to its merchants on a larger scale. Overall, customers will not feel any negative effects from the acquisition and can look forward to more opportunities for support from Acumatica.

Below you will find a few additional articles on the acquisition:

Mergers and acquisitions are happening across the software technology sector, and mergers in the payment processing industry have also been active in 2019. Regardless of where mergers and acquisitions are happening, the key message appears to revolve around expanding into global markets, increasing capabilities, and helping customers grow.  

At APS Payments, we help our Acumatica customers grow by helping them save significant amounts of money by eliminating middlemen and associated fees. We are a credit card processor, gateway provider, and an integrator. Our integrations to popular accounting and ERP systems, like Acumatica, simplify and automate the double entry a merchant would otherwise have to do without an integrated payment processing solution.  

Watch our 4-minute video to learn more about APS Payments and our Acumatica payment processing integration:  


How to get started with APS Payments:

It’s simple.  Provide us with two consecutive months of your current merchant statements, and we will review your current fees and show you our proposed fees along with the savings you can expect. How much of a difference would it make to your net revenue if you lower your credit card processing fees by as much as 1.50%?  

APS Payments provides you with merchant statements that are transparent and easy to read. APS Payments helps you save money with Level 3 processing and provides your business with added security against fraud and lower rates for B2B transactions.  APS acquires and passes all the required Level 2 and Level 3 data by extracting it from ERP and eCommerce integrated credit card processing. There’s no time-consuming mapping or manual data entry required.  APS ClickToPay Acumatica functionality has also recently been added to help streamline payments online with the click of a button! 

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