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How to Save Up to 43% on Credit Card Processing Fees

Jun 27, 2017 1:14:27 PM

After paying merchant processing fees, how much of each transaction do you actually get to keep? How much of a difference would it make to your income if you could lower your merchant processing fees by as much as 1.50%?

Now you can. Today’s handy guide helps you discover how Level 3 Processing increases your profits, without any extra work.

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Level 3 Processing: A Brief Introduction

Level 3 Processing is a premium service for B2B and B2G corporate cardholders with Visa and MasterCard that provides additional reporting on transactions. Level 3 differs from Level 1 and Level 2 Processing, because it collects more data from the merchant, including:

  • Item description
  • Shipping data
  • Unit of measure
  • Quantity
  • Freight amount
  • Commodity and product codes

As you can see, this additional data provides better insight for corporate cardholders. Level 3 cardholders also have more control over how their business funds are spent; they can easily limit transaction amounts or purchasing frequency.

Fact: Providing the necessary Level 3 Processing data can be extremely easy for your company.

Level 3 Savings: The Details

Typical credit card processing fees for B2B transactions cost 2.65% or higher, but Level 3 Processing rates can be 0.50% - 1.50% lower (a savings of up to 43%). That means you could keep approximately $13.50 more for each $1,000 of Level 3 Processing!

Depending on how many Level 3-eligible transactions you process, this could translate to a massive annual savings for your company.

Fact: The more Level 3 Processing you do, the more you’re likely to save.

The Level 3 Secret: Choose Your Vendor Carefully

When you’re ready to start taking advantage of reduced rates, you have to make a choice between two options, both of which get you the Level 3 benefits and savings you deserve.

You can either:

  1. Run transactions the way you always have (while taking advantage of increased Level 3 savings and benefits)


  1. Pay for expensive, specialized hardware for Level 3 Processing, then manually transfer required data from your ERP in painstaking detail

The choice is obvious, so here’s how you can take advantage of Option 1:

Choose the right merchant services provider.

At APS Payments, we believe that you deserve lower credit card processing rates and faster payments. That’s why our clients get:

  • 12-hour funding available for all card brands
  • Significant savings on processing fees (as much as 1.50%)
  • Seamless ERP integration
  • A lightning-fast ROI (one client saved $112,000 in a single year)

Plus, clients who sign up soon also get a free, state-of-the-art Level 3 credit card processing module that’s fully PCI compliant and comes pre-programmed with your company data so you can just plug it in and start using it.

Fact: Getting lower rates and faster payments is easy with APS Payments.

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