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Leading Payment Processing Provider Gets a Fresh New Look

Jan 8, 2019 6:45:24 PM

Leading Payment Processing Provider

As we head into the new year, we reflect on our successes and share gratitude with our customers and partners who have  helped us along the way. Your business has truly been a gift. We are excited to announce that our American Payment Solutions (APS) and North American Payment Solutions (NAPS) brands have a fresh new look in 2019. The brand change is one part of a  transition that we are making to combine our two companies into one name for our global brand. APS and NAPS have been combined into one easily recognizable brand - APS Payments.

Over the coming weeks we will be updating all our branding under the new APS Payments name, and our website domain will change to www.apspayments.com.  We are the same great company you have grown to know and love for all your payment and credit card processing needs, and we look forward to our continued success with you under our new name and brand.  

On behalf of our entire APS Payments team, we wish you and your family a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year in 2019!  

What makes APS Payments a unified brand?

Now that APS and NAPS are united under APS Payments, let us clarify what makes our two divisions the same. Both APS and NAPS are among the leading payment processing providers serving North America, as well as parts of Europe and Southeast Asia. The only distinction was that APS served the United States and NAPS served primarily Canada and a few other countries.  APS Payments’ key advantage is that our credit card processing solution drastically cuts processing costs and eliminates double entry. How do we make this happen? APS Payments is an all-in-one credit card processor and also a payment gateway and a flexible software integrator. Our full-service merchant services solutions help us cut costs and reduce payment fees for your business.  

APS Payments integrates seamlessly with multiple ERP, eCommerce, POS, AR, and Mobile applications. These integrations include Acumatica, AccountMate, Adagio, SAP B1, Sage 100, Sage 300, Magento, YayPay, WooCommerce, and many more. APS Payments provides next day funding, bank transfer and multi-currency capabilities, secure tokenization, EMV enabled devices, and Level 3 interchange rates for business-to-business transactions. APS Payments helps lower the processing fees for businesses of all sizes and industries, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers and wholesalers.  

APS Payments processes billions of dollars annually and, through our main back end processor, more than 100 billion dollars monthly. As of 2017, APS Payments is the largest processor based out of Arizona and is today the 5th fastest growing processor in the United States.

Why switch to APS Payments?

  • PCI DSS compliant

  • 24/7 live support

  • Bank transfer & multi-currency capabilities

  • All-in-one credit card processing

  • Dedicated training

  • Level 3 processing available

  • Next day funding

  • Seamless integrations with ERP, eCommerce, POS, mobile, and more

  • Tokenized data protection

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Patty Benitez
Written by Patty Benitez

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