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Magento Imagine Live Event Canceled - APS Payments Outlines Online Learning Opportunities

Mar 12, 2020 4:52:21 PM

The entire Magento community was excited to learn, network, and get inspired together for Adobe Summit and Magento Imagine 2020 in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, after evaluating the situation around COVID-19, aka “the coronavirus”, the conference organizers have decided to move this year’s summit online and cancel the live event. In addition to the now online Summit event, there are still MANY ways to engage with the Magento ecosystem and community outside of the Summit.

Firstly, if you have questions specifically related to the Summit, head over to the FAQ page at Adobe for more information.

Second, if you want to know how to get engaged in the online event, read here.

In this blog, we will provide you with three ways to maximize your ROI within the Magento ecosystem even though you can’t attend Adobe Summit in-person this year:

1. Engage with the Magento community – in your area!

Are you surprised to learn that the next best opportunity to learn from, network with, and be inspired by other members of the Magento community may be waiting across town, or even just next door?

Magento is currently supporting 6,190 members across 55 meetups worldwide. You can search for a meetup near you by heading over to meetup.com.

Can’t find a meeting for the next thousand miles or so? You can host your own! Other Magento users may be waiting nearby to join you. Head over to the Magento Meetup portal, where they are ready to help you prepare for, operate and grow your very own Magento Meetup.


2. Maximize your Magento investment through online learning

Magento hosts multiple online learning resources and webinars for the ecosystem as do the marketplace partners, such as APS Payments.  Join the community online to continue your learning! 

List of Magento Webinars
List of APS Payments Webinars
APS Payments Payment Pointers Video Library
eCommerceAholic Live Streams
MageTalk PodCast
Merchant To Merchant Podcast
Future Commerce Podcast

If you know of other online learning opportunities in the Magento eco-system that should be added to this list, please let us know!  

  eCommerce merchants: sign up for complimentary updates on any webinars and news APS Payments publishes about Magento. You’ll also get a notification to enter to win our money jar for Magento Imagine/Adobe Summit for your chance to win $2500 for the 2021 event!

If you are Magento Marketplace partners, providing free and informative webinars as a resource for potential customers is a great way to attract attention, get new leads, and share your eCommerce expertise with the world. Co-hosting a webinar with another integrated solution for maximum benefits to the viewers and your ROI.

Magento Partners, join the APS Payments partner program and we can help create, promote, and run a joint webinar with you! We run thousands of these webinars every year, and we are willing to lend that experience to ensure you can provide education content to your audience!

3. Ensure that your Magento solution is truly omni-channel, and ready for whatever the world might throw at it.

Whether it’s a virus or the latest trend in software, our globalized world ensures that things spread quickly. Your business needs to be adaptable. For eCommerce businesses, that means your business needs to be omni-channel and the solutions you use need to be omni-channel, seamlessly integrated, and full of automation to flow information from one solution to the next.

A traditional multi-channel retailer would have a website and a storefront but not have information flow between those channels or interact at all. Omni-channel solutions address the needs of that same business to have information flow seamlessly between both channels – and seamlessly amongst the ERPs or business solutions they use for inventory management, storage of customer information, invoicing and accounting info, and much more. An omni-channel solution can link your eCommerce shopping cart with your payment processor with your inventory management with your brick-and-mortar terminals, accept multiple methods of payments, operate within multiple countries, and provide a seamless experience for customers as they move from touchpoint to touchpoint in-store, online, on social media, on mobile devices and more.

To adopt a true “omni-channel” approach versus the traditional multi-channel, businesses will need to leverage integrated technology solutions that connect all payment touchpoints, finding disparate business systems along with ways to collect, aggregate, share and manage transaction and customer data, safely, across multiple systems.

Luckily, APS Payments offers seamlessly-integrated omni-channel payment solutions for Magento.

Omnichannel screenshot

APS Payments Helps Magento Users with B2B and B2C Payments

APS Payments is a Magento Technology Partner with a flexible and robust Magento eCommerce payment processing integration.  We are also an omni-channel, all-in-one processor trusted by thousands of merchants daily to process payments.  Leveraging our industry expertise, we help B2C and B2B businesses reduce risks, improve workflows, and save money. The Magento eCommerce credit card integration is simple and free with the APS Payments Extension for Magento. 

The APS Payments integration allows users to work within Magento to avoid manual entry, and provides the following benefits:

  • Tokenized credit card data via hosted form embedded in secure iFrameMagento_Technology_Partner_Large-300
  • Daily, automatic batch reporting
  • Level 3 Processing for B2B transactions
  • Multi-store and multi-currency capabilities
  • Ability to manage customer payment profiles from within Magento
  • APS Payments on checkout page
  • iFrame CSS support
  • No installation, maintenance, or setup fees
  • ERP payments integration with eCommerce
  • 24/7 live support

APS Payments is dedicated to sharing our Magento eco-system payments knowledge to help the community grow.  Although we are sad to not see many of the familiar faces at Magento Imagine this year, we do look forward to connecting with you online.  

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