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Multi-Currency Payment Processing for U.S. and Canadian Entities

Aug 30, 2018 10:03:47 AM

Multi-Currency Payment Processing

Multi-Currency payment processing for an integrated ERP solution can be hard to come by, leaving your organization to process credit cards outside of the ERP. If you are a Canadian or U.S. company with subsidiaries on either side of the border, then it is likely that you need integrated payment solutions to maximize your efficiency.  

Going without an integrated ERP can result in manual entry and ultimately add to the cost of doing business. Your time, effort, and money should be spent on your organizational goals - not on extraneous tasks. “Efficiency” has been the buzzword passed through the business world for decades now; if you want your business to succeed in 2018, it is clear that you need solutions that address these needs. We at APS Payments would like to showcase our Multi-Currency processing functionality to you.  

APS Payments provides a range of benefits to Merchants across North America; one specifically is our key integration with Sage 300.  What sets APS Payments apart is that we are not only the software publisher, but also the Merchant Services Acquirer and the credit card processing gateway.  What this means to you is that you no longer need to worry about going to two or three possible places just to resolve a Credit Card Processing issue – let APS Payments take care of everything. 

The great thing about APS Payments is that you do not have to worry about budgetary restrictions to make this business decision.  APS Payments is so confident that you will love us and continue to want to process with us that we provide FREE Implementation, Training, and 24/7 Live Support.  That is how we’ve grown our business for over 10 years and that’s how we strive to help you grow yours. 

We are not your traditional Merchant Services Acquirer nor are we your traditional software developer. Let us show you how much we can save your business.  If we cannot beat or match your current processor, we will pay you $500 just for considering APS Payments.  To qualify for this offer and to learn more, please forward three of your most recent merchant statements (including AMEX) and we will provide you with a free cost comparison analysis.

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Devon Lildhar
Written by Devon Lildhar

Vice President of Sales - Canada

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