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ClickToPay:  Sage 100cloud Payment Processing and Repetitive Invoice Entry

Sep 25, 2018 2:06:55 PM

APS-clicktopay-roundedge-buttonService related companies may have a service contract, whereby a customer pays for recurring services.  If you are using Sage 100cloud there is an easy way to set-up repetitive invoice entry for your customers depending on the billing cycle (weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.)  Sage 100cloud users have the option of collecting payment for ALL invoices with Sage 100 ClickToPay Payment Processing.



Follow the steps below to set-up repetitive invoice entry in Sage 100cloud:

  1. Navigate to the Sage 100cloud accounts receivable module
  2. Navigate to repetitive invoice entry in the accounts receivable drop down
  3. Select your customer
  4. Give the entry a reference number
  5. Select the billing cycle (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.)
  6. Indicate the billing date
  7. Indicate comments if needed into A/R Repetitive Invoice Entry
  8. Apply sales tax into Repetitive Invoice Entry if applicable
  9. Go to the lines tab and populate details in the lines code
  10. Indicate the description in the miscellaneous item maintenance i.e. monthly service contract
  11. Assign the GL account numbers
  12. Go back to the AR repetitive invoice to add the amount
  13. Create the invoice and go to the Repetitive Invoice Selection under the accounts receivable drop down
  14. Select the Sage 100cloud invoice date and selection date
  15. Choose the cycle
  16. Print and send the Sage 100 invoice with the ClickToPay button
  17. Then you have the option to update the Sage 100 Sales Journal
  18. Once the sales journal is updated the new transactions are reflected
  19. Once the payment is submitted via ClickToPay the payment flows right back into Account Receivable cash receipts
  20. Line level detail is updated in order to insure Level 3 credit card processing rates to save money

By setting up Sage 100cloud repetitive invoice entry with ClickToPay you will not only save time creating invoices, you will also get paid faster with automated payment processing.

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Patty Benitez
Written by Patty Benitez

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