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Sage 300 APS Payment Portal Now Available

Jun 20, 2019 12:25:51 PM

Payments Portal for Sage 300If you are currently a Sage 300 and APS Payments customer, you already appreciate the savings you receive both in rates and time with our APS Payments integrated credit card processing service. At APS Payments, we are always working hard to improve our services and experiences for all customers. We are excited to announce new functionality with the Sage 300 APS Payment Portal.  This solution will significantly improve the efficiency of your credit card processing tasks. You can learn more about our Sage 300 credit card processing solution and the Sage 300 APS Payment Portal by watching this webinar recording to learn how one Sage user leveraged APS Payments to help save time and money for their business. Terry Wilhelm from K&K Interiors shared the challenges they ran into without an integrated solution and the savings that they realized after switching to an integrated payment solution for Sage.

The Sage 300 APS Payment Portal is a simple and secure way to have your customers pay invoices with the click of a button, seamlessly from within Sage 300. You simply send a copy of the invoice via email, your customer opens the email, and selects which payment method they would like to use. The Sage 300 APS Payment Portal also allows your customers to create a profile and save their card or bank account information on file for future payments without storing the data locally on your server and forcing your business to carry that additional risk of data breach. In addition, our exclusive APSDirect functionality reduces chargeback replies to 72 hours for B2B transactions while allowing your customers to easily make secure transfers directly through Sage 300.

5 ways to learn more about the APS Payments Sage 300 credit card processing integration:

  1. WEBINAR - Watch recording on “The New Way to Process Payments in Sage” and learn from an actual Sage 300 customers on how they saved time and money!
  2. DATASHEET Sage 300 Payment Processing - Review the APS Payments Sage 300 Datasheet.
  3. DATASHEET Sage 300 Payment Portal - Review the Sage 300 Payment Portal Datasheet.
  4. CASE STUDY - Read how one Sage 300 customers saved $40K after switching to APS Payments.
  5. VIDEO - Watch this Sage 300 APS Payments Demo Video to learn more!


Are you a Sage 300 customer and interested in learning more about APS Payments for Sage 300? Contact APS Payments to learn how to cut costs and benefit from our Sage 300 credit card processing solution.  

APS Payments is an all-in-one processor that offers flexible and integrated payments solutions for every business.  We are a 100% PCI-DSS compliant solution and are trusted by thousands of merchants daily to process payments. We work diligently to provide our merchants the lowest credit card processing rates leveraging our industry expertise and help businesses reduce risks.  APS Payments is seamlessly integrated with Sage 300, as well as hundreds of other ERP, eCommerce, POS, and Mobile applications.

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Devon Lildhar
Written by Devon Lildhar

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