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Sage 300 Payments Made Easier with APS ClickToPay

Aug 28, 2020 3:09:07 PM

ClickToPay-plus-DevonB2B payments are going cashless because of COVID-19 and businesses are implementing new technologies to adapt to remote work.  Processing credit card transactions safely online is more important than ever due to this shift. Many businesses are upgrading from paper invoicing to online payment portals to improve cash flow and customer satisfaction.  

The APS Payments Sage 300 integration is designed to help clients save time and money with integrated payments, and with the added APS ClickToPay functionality, merchants can now get Sage 300 invoices paid faster with an online payment portal. 

APS ClickToPay for Sage 300 Payments

APS ClickToPay is a simple and secure way to have invoices paid by your customers with one easy click. The online portal is designed to add to a company’s bottom line by adding ease and convenience to the invoice paying process. This functionality is available free of charge for merchants processing with APS Payments. There are no billing limits!

APS ClickToPay for Sage 300 allows merchants to put payments in the hands of their customers. Simply send Invoices from Sage 300 to APS ClickToPay and customers will be able to pay on their own time - eliminating the need to call and collect payments over the phone or in person. The secure APS ClickToPay link is unique to each invoice so customers can log into their APS ClickToPay portal, pay invoices one at a time, pay multiple invoices, or see outstanding invoices that still need payment. 

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Simple, Convenient, Secure. 

With the click of a button, payments can easily be made online. Simply distribute the payment link to the customer via any method you choose, and you get paid! Customer data is tokenized and securely stored for future use.  

Key Features of the APS ClickToPay:

  • Get more of your invoices paid 
  • Get your invoices paid faster 
  • Provide convenience for your customers 
  • Use a greener solution for getting invoices paid 
  • Allows customers to pay via ACH or Credit Cards 
  • Incoming Payments Created Automatically
  • Batch processing with multiple payment configurations
  • Available free of charge if processing with APS Payments

Requirements for APS ClickToPay for Sage 300:

  • Processing with APS Payments
  • Sage 300 version 2020 product update 2 and above

Watch this demo video to learn more:

    Screenshot ClickToPay Sage 300 Video Demo Preview


APS Payments takes the stress out of payments and reduces human error when completing transactions. APS Payments helps you process credit card payments automatically without additional human intervention, making your life easier and your business better. Secure data protection that comes with the APSPAYS Vault gives customers the chance to save their information for future purchases they may need to complete without storing sensitive data on local servers. 

See how easy online payments can be when you have an integrated payment solution for Sage 300!  Contact us to learn more!

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Devon Lildhar
Written by Devon Lildhar

Vice President of Sales - Canada

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