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Sage Virtual Terminal vs. APSPAYS

Aug 18, 2017 1:29:11 PM

Sage Virtual TerminalWhat is the difference between Sage Virtual Terminal and APSPays?  

The term "Virtual Terminal" is used to refer to web interfaces for processing card-not-present transactions. Virtual terminals offer the ability to make "card-not-present payments." Virtual terminals allow merchants or customers to enter credit card payment information online or via a mobile device to complete payments. Virtual terminals are the  ideal solution for real estate agents, professional services, online payments and other industries. 

You might be surprised how quickly Sage credit card processing fees add up.  Simple credit card processing mistakes can lead to higher credit card processing fees.  Setting up your virtual terminal accounts properly can prevent you from providing incorrect business information that results in higher processing fees.  If you are using Sage Payment Solutions and Sage Virtual Terminal you have options.  American Payment Solutions also integrates with all Sage ERP systems and offers the same features at a lower cost.  

Credit Card Processing

Ask the Sage credit card processing experts at American Payment Solutions.  We are here to be your advocate and experts.  Our knowledge and relationships are key to helping you get the lowest rate possible.  We guarantee it.  If we can't meet or beat your current credit card processing rate we will offer $500 for the trouble to look into it, no questions asked.

Call American Payment Solutions  at 888-685-1900 or email Patty Benitez at pbenitez@apsmerchants.com to learn how to cut costs and benefit from the following streamlined credit card processing features:

  1. Convenient 24 hour access to payment processing and reporting
  2. Automated recurring billing
  3. Improved cash flow
  4. Fraud detection and prevention (volume thresholds, risk parameters)
  5. Reduce invoicing costs 
  6. No additional licensing fees
  7. Virtual Terminals (no integration needed, no software to install, simply use your web browser to securely log in to process transactions)
  8. Credit card tokenization for secure access to future customer transactions
  9. Real-time Payment Gateway 
  10. Sage Level 3 credit card processing supported gateway for US accounts, (significant savings for business to government or business to business transactions)
  11. Batch processing when real time approvals are not required 
  12. PCI-DSS compliant at no additional cost
  13. Some of the lowest Amex fees in the entire industry!
  14. Next Day Funding including AMEX making reconciliation process easier

You may not have heard that Sage sold Sage Payment Solutions on June 2. The buyer, GTCR LLC, is a Chicago-based firm specializing in driving growth through acquisitions. While GTCR is likely to change Sage Payment Solutions once they control it, we’re not sure what those changes will look like.

Patty Benitez
Written by Patty Benitez

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