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Here's what you missed from the SLA March 2018 Conference:

Jul 2, 2018 10:25:00 AM

Clouds and Subscription: Impact on Your Business Model

We all know the cloud has become one of the greatest disruptors in our business world today, with large enterprise technology companies reporting substantial profit increases driven by cloud operations, and smaller businesses feeling the impact of cloud computing on everything from supply chain management to pricing and sales models.  Business models, hardware sales, and workflows are all shifting considerably to the point where many existing rules of the tech business are no longer relevant. The trend is most noticeable in the shift in tech business models away from hardware and proprietary software sales models, and toward subscription-based revenue models, where users pay for the right to use technology, but don’t ever actually own it.

Various discussions about the cloud center around the direct benefits businesses gain by using it, essentials that are mostly hidden from consumers. There’s a good reason for that – the cloud offers a number of improvements when compared to local hosting – but only considering internally visible advantages means missing out on the bigger picture.

During SLA’s last conference in New Orleans last March we covered specifics regarding the impact of Clouds and Subscriptions to our Business Models. 

  • Impact on Customer Engagement
    • What value can we add to our customers
    • What tools can be used
    • How to monetize the relationship
  • Impact on Revenue model
    • Cloud Hiring Practices: Does It Really Take a Different Skillset to Sell Cloud
    • Compensation: How Do You Pay for Subscription Sales
    • Selling Process: How Cloud Deployment Changes the Sales Cycle
  • How to Staff for the Cloud and Subscription
    • Impact of Subscription payment
    • Skill set required
    • Recruiting, Compensation, Implementation, Remote Deployment/mobility
    • Client Relationship/Management, Customer Sat
  • Cloud Publisher Relationship/Management
    • Publisher direct relationship with customer
    • Publisher relationships with VARS

When I found that this is what is being discussed at the SLA Conference, I think back at all the time I had to spend with doing self-research and trying to learn about all of this on my own. Thinking of the risks this represents and wishing I would have been a part of this event.  I shudder at the thought... I’m going to the SLA conference in the fall!

Next conference is scheduled on October 1, 2, 2018.  Minneapolis Minnesota – “What’s Next For Your Business”

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Patty Benitez
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