Credit Card Processing Tips and Tricks

7 min read

Understanding Pricing Structures for Payment Processing Rates

By Jeff Kohl on Aug 9, 2019 9:14:56 PM

Uncover the Hidden Costs on your Merchant Statements and Find the Right Credit Card Processing Provider 

Choosing the wrong credit card processing service provider is a costly mistake - but one that can be easily avoided with the right knowledge and guidance. Hidden costs on your merchant statements make the selection process complicated. Small businesses have tight margins and need to cut costs wherever they can so it is obvious that they would benefit from simple and efficient billing processes. In order to arm you with the knowledge you need when evaluating payment processing solutions, this article provides three major tips for understanding how merchant statements work.

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5 Considerations When Selecting a Credit Card Processor for Your Business

By Tricia Hartigan on Feb 8, 2016 6:30:47 PM


As a small to mid-sized business, accepting credit cards is paramount to your company success.  Behind the scenes of accepting credit cards and keeping track of your inventory and/or services, you need a variety of solutions to run your business.  A key aspect of accepting credit cards is selecting which credit card processing solution you should use. 

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