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What APS Payments Joining REPAY Means For You

Nov 25, 2019 11:41:08 AM

In October 2019, APS Payments joined REPAY - Realtime Electronic Payments!  REPAY provides integrated payment processing solutions to verticals that have specific transaction processing and technology needs. REPAY’s proprietary, integrated payment technology platform reduces the complexity and enhances the experience of electronic payments. 

APS Payments is excited to offer an even better payment experience, more advanced technology, and deeper integration capabilities for our customers. We believe this partnership will enable us to accelerate our technology initiatives, enhance the customer experience, and further advance the innovation of payment technology.

What This Means For You

APS Payments is excited about joining REPAY, as we will now be able to offer even more benefits to all of our customers and partners. You will have access to a larger pool of products, technology advancements and enhancements, and an even stronger level of support and resources. The partnership expands our product offering, so you can have the flexibility to pay anytime, anywhere.  At this time, we will continue to operate under the APS Payments brand you know and trust and you will continue to have access to the integrations and services you rely on today. APS Payments and REPAY will continue to offer our committed 24/7 live customer service where we will answer any question - at anytime! 

How This Benefits You

You will still experience the same exceptional APS Payments service that has always been available and now have access to even more industry expertise!  You will have access to additional resources and payment professionals who understand the payments industry to help you find the best payment solutions to reduce costs and increase profits.  All projects already under construction should continue without interruption. APS Payments and REPAY will work together to commit and invest in our partnerships current and future. 

APS Payments looks forward to serving our respected partners and merchants across the globe. Combined, our two companies together will continue to advance the innovation of electronic payments and processing and lead the payment processing industry well into the next decade.

APS Payments Joins REPAY

We are excited to start this new step in our future and are ready to serve and lead the payment processing industry for years to come! If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.

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