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Dec 3, 2015 4:33:25 PM

Two Simple Changes
Your Clients Can Make Now To Be Compliant In 2016!

Credit_Card_Processing_Sales_Tax_Compliance.pngRecorded: Thursday, December 10, 2015

Talk about a wasted effort! Many companies spend valuable time and resources doing these two things in their business, which instead of helping them, could put them at risk.
  1. Using a manual process to calculate sales tax on products and services.
    According to Aberdeen Group, the average company spends 300+ hours per year managing transactional tax – time that could be better spent on revenue-generating activities. Not only is this a huge drain on your business, it’s highly prone to error.
  2. Using outdated protocols to verify credit card payments.  
    Failing to comply with new regulations could result in higher transaction fees and extra time trying to achieve Level III processing qualifications. Selecting a payment processor that is up to speed on best practices can save you thousands of dollars annually. 

Join our upcoming webinar and learn more about these two simple yet critical changes for 2016 that can help you:

  • Forget the time manually managing sales tax 
  • Reap the benefits (and cost savings) of PCI Compliance
  • Kiss double entry good-bye with fully-integrated solutions
  • Start 2016 on the path to compliance (and cost savings) with Avalara and American Payment Solutions!

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Joe Geusic
Written by Joe Geusic

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