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Leading Adagio Integrated Payment Processing Provider Sponsors Adagio Accounting Open House

Oct 3, 2018 7:19:30 PM

AdagioLeading Integrated Payments Provider Sponsors,  "Canadian Open House, for Current & Future Adagio Clients,” Providing Valuable Opportunity for Merchants in Multiple Cities

Adagio Locations

North American Payment Solutions (NAPS) is proud to sponsor the Adagio Open House, traveling across multiple cities in Canada this fall starting on September 26, 2018 in Saskatoon. These half-day, easily digestible events are a great opportunity for current and future clients to come and learn about new features of Adagio. 

The events provide a unique opportunity for merchants and Adagio clients to receive in-person deep dives into understanding the products in greater clarity and to discuss options available to business and merchants with their individual needs. Additionally, as shared by Adagio: “Attendees will have the opportunity to lobby directly for features that they would like to see added to the product, as well as the option to speak with Andrew Bates, Softrak President and one of the original developers of Adagio.”

Adagio further describes the event:
“This FREE seminar introduced you to the latest in accounting technology to improve your operations and reporting capabilities. There will also be time allocated to answer your questions about Adagio, so you may learn how to optimize your processes and procedures.”

Such new features to Adagio include the highly anticipated Adagio Payments. This solution for merchants enables online credit card processing and storage in Adagio Receivables 9.3A and Adagio Invoices 9.3A (and coming soon for Order Entry). Customer credit card information is automatically uploaded and vaulted to North American Payments Solutions to allow multiple credit cards on file and automatic pre-authorization, capture, sale, void, and credit transactions to be processed with minimal operation intervention. Adagio Payments will save you hours of manual processing a month while maintaining full PCI-DSS compliance for your organization. Adagio Payments and all features will be discussed with all details thoroughly explained at all Open House locations.

The locations currently listed for the Adagio open house are: Saskatoon, Moncton, Ottawa, Montreal, Markham, Winnipeg, Calgary, Victoria, and Vancouver. For specific dates, times, locations, and questions, please visit the Adagio Events schedule at:

About North American Payment Solutions
North American Payment Solutions enables you to cut costs and offers the following streamlined credit card processing features:

1. Convenient 24-hour access to payment processing and reporting
2. Automated recurring billing
3. Improved cash flow
4. Fraud detection and prevention (CVV and AVS controls for easy management)
5. Reduce invoicing costs
6. No additional licensing fees
7. Virtual Terminals (no integration needed, no software to install, simply use your web browser to securely log in to process transactions)
8. Credit card tokenization for secure access to future customer transactions
9. Real-time Payment Gateway
10. Level 3 supported gateway for US accounts, (significant savings for business to government or business to business transactions)
11. Free virtual terminal for instant credit card processing capabilities.
12. Automatic integration available to streamline data entry and savings.
13. Batch processing when real time approvals are not required
14. 100% PCI-DSS compliant at no additional cost
15. Some of the lowest American Express fees in the entire industry!
16. Next Day Funding including American Express making reconciliation process easier

North American Payment Solutions is one of the nation’s leading credit card processing companies, providing 24/7 award-winning customer support, guaranteed rates, and up-to-date technology to thousands of merchants. As a testament to the strong relationships formed with customers and partners, NAPS has been featured for the second year in a year on the INC 5000 - link.

NAPS is an all-in-one credit card processor that is fully integrated with Adagio using software solutions designed to drive processing costs down, eliminate double entry, and improve operational efficiency. These masterfully simple solutions for credit processing needs include: 100% PCI/DSS compliance, 24/7 live support, 24/7 transaction reporting, tokenized protection for private data via the APSPAYS vault, automatic daily batch reporting, multi-currency capabilities, and much more. NAPS provides solutions with peace of mind.

North American Payment Solutions is headquartered in Mesa, AZ with several field offices throughout the United States and Canada. North American Payment Solutions is a registered ISO/MSP of the Canadian branch of U.S. Bank National Association and Elavon, Inc. Georgia (a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp, Minneapolis, MN.

Contact NAPS for a FREE merchant analysis and demo: 888.685.1900 or online at:

Free Merchant Statement Review
About Adagio Accounting

Adagio Accounting is a complete multi-location stock management and control system that tracks purchases, receipts, shipments, returns, and adjustments.

Adagio Accounting is an integrated suite designed for small businesses that have outgrown their entry-level accounting software. Adagio is best-suited for companies where the accounting function is managed by trained accountants or bookkeepers, and where process and integrity of audit trail are considered important.

Adagio is comprised of a number of accounting applications that together form a powerful system. Adagio features powerful financial reporting and inventory management. Whether transactions are imported or entered by keyboard, Adagio supports processing of large transaction volumes. It maintains tight audit controls as it supports the flexibility that accountants need. For companies that value process and audit trail, as well as powerful reporting, Adagio is the ideal accounting solution.

More information about the Adagio Open House events is available at: 

More information about the Adagio products and solutions can be found online at: or inquiries can be made by phone to (800)-663-9798.


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