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Watch Now: Expanded Credit Card Processing for Sage 300 Users

Apr 27, 2016 8:42:03 AM

New Integrated Payment Processing in Sage 300

Credit card processing is paramount to running your business. By integrating the APS credit card processing solution with your Sage 300 system, your company will eliminate confusing merchant statements, streamline your credit card processing and reduce monthly fees.


With integrated payment processing, you will benefit from:

  • No installation, set-up or maintenance fees

  • Secure 24/7 online transaction reporting

  • Daily, automatic batch reporting

  • Tokenized credit card data, simplifying PCI compliance

  • Protection for private data via APSPAYS Vault

  • Additional cost savings with American Express OptBlue Program

Watch our webinar for an overview of our integrated credit card processing solution that is guaranteed to save your company time and money.

Featured Presentation by North49 on Webtelligence, the most tightly integrated ecommerce solution for Sage 300. 

"Freedom is doing business anywhere, anytime and on any device."

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Patty Benitez
Written by Patty Benitez

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