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Woohoo! Today, APS Helped You Shorten Your Sales Cycle!

Jul 18, 2017 4:00:00 AM

Does it seem like your sales cycle has been lengthening?

Right now, we’re all busier and more stressed than we’ve ever been before. When you logically consider that the people you sell to are as busy as you, it makes sense that you didn’t hear from a previously excited opportunity for over a month. Logical thinking doesn’t make all that tiresome follow-up any better though. 

If your sales cycle takes longer these days because opportunities drop out of communication for weeks or months at a time, you’re probably not taking advantage (yet) of one of the top selling techniques of all time. Today, APS is here to help you change that.   

The Secret to Faster Cycles: Immediate Selling

This scenario may sound familiar: A sales meeting is going great and the client wants to know how many widgets they can order right now. You go back to the office to check, send the client a quick confirmation email, and then… you don’t hear anything back for a week. Two weeks. A month.

What happened?

In short: you didn’t complete the sale immediately. Your need to check inventory slowed the whole process.

But don’t beat yourself up about it; it’s not your fault. The problem occurred because we’re all so busy these days. When you left your client’s office, they got lost in work and forgot all about you.

You could have avoided this if you had completed the sale right then at the meeting, immediately, when you had your client’s full attention.

Overcoming the Obstacles to Immediate Sales

Prior to today, your company may have found it impossible to answer up-to-date inventory questions or process Sage 100-integrated card payments on the road. Without those capabilities you couldn’t complete an immediate sale.

Today, you can.  

That’s because American Payment Solutions and ScanForce Mobile Sales just partnered up.ScanForce_Logo_320x50.png

ScanForce Mobile Sales enables your mobile device to:

  • View real-time inventory levels
  • Calculate accurate delivery dates
  • Generate instant quotes
  • Capture client signatures
  • Process immediate credit card payments
  • Email or print transaction receipts

Immediate Sales: Now Powered by American Payment Solutions

It’s time to empower your team with immediate credit card payment processing on the road that effortlessly integrates into your Sage 100 system with no duplicate data entry.

Already using another payment solution for mobile sales? Here are the three top reasons you should switch to American Payment Solutions (APS).

  1. Secure Processing – No-charge PCI Compliance tools, PCI-friendly tokenization, and the privacy-focused APSPAYS Vault keeps your customers’ card data more secure with APS.
  2. Faster Payments – Real-time Sage 100 integration through ScanForce sends payment data straight to your ERP with no delay, so you can send batches on time to get 11-hour funding from APS.
  3. Shorter Sales Cycle – Information delays lead to purchasing delays. Up-to-date data and immediate payment processing mean you won’t have to head back to the office to keep working the sale after your meeting – you’ll already be done.

Lower Your Card Processing Fees and Shorten Your Sales Cycle

A shorter sales cycle improves your bottom line, and integrated mobile card processing through American Payment Solutions and ScanForce Mobile Sales helps you improve your bottom line even more. Reduce American Express processing fees, save money with Level 3 capabilities, and get other money-saving tools from APS.

Contact Patty Benitez to learn how much time and money you’ll save with APS card processing. If we can’t match or beat your current processing rate, we’ll give you $500. Contact Patty now to start comparing.

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